Monday, January 28, 2013

Funny but Sadly True lol

As my readers already know me and hair salons are not the best of friends whatsoever.  So when I saw this video I literally fell out my seat laughing because this hold some relevance. Do not be offended because I was not offended at all, with that being said to each its own enjoy!


Watch "The Problem With....Black Hairdressers/Salons!" on YouTube

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Cheap Find!!!

Rummaging through my cousins nail polish collection and stumbled across this pretty color which I have been getting so many compliments on. The name is KleanColors Nail Lacquer and my cousin buys it from the beauty supply store for a flipping dollar, yep you read it right, a flipping dollar. I was very Very skeptical at first but she informed me that the nail polish was really smooth and the color selection they had was amazing so I gave it a shot and was no where near disappointed. In fact I am going to rack up on a few colors especially the one that I am wearing currently. I don't know if the beauty supply stores in my area have this KleanColors brand but I hope they do especially for that price.


She's In Color Social Event

I had a blast at this event this past Saturday.  Everyone was friendly and sociable and the atomsphere in the room was beyond dope. So, I know you are wondering what exactly is She's In Color right? She's in Color is an organization created by Aaja Corinne, and its purpose is a empowerment campaign designed as a call for women to embrace their individuality and purpose. Pretty dope concept right? Anyhoo the food was good the raffle prizes were super sweet, and the purpose for the event was even better I had a ball, and I hope she does plenty more events.

As for my hair, I definitely rocked a high puffy bun I felt it that fitted the occasion.  But baby when I got there, I was pleasantly surpised by the number of natural hair divas thats was in the building, I shoulda took a picture with each of them but... I just snuck these in (lol) dont judge my life.

Much Love,

Friday, January 25, 2013

Random Protective Style

This morning I was definitely about to break my protective style challenge and wear my hair out and free. But I stuck to my guns and pinned my ends up. I didnt see any tutorials on this style I just literally started pinning my ends up so that they weren't out and loose.

How I achieved this look

1. Place a headband to push your hair back.
2. Tuck and roll the back up and pin it so it doesn't come a loose.
3. Take right side ends and pin them back
4. Take left side ends and pin loose ends back.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How to Effectively Use Coconut Oil

Coconut oil should be one the essential oils used in your natural hair journey. Here's why:

Benefits of coconut oil
- natural emollient, actually penetrates the hair shaft.
- high source of vitamin E, essential to hair growth
- full of saturated fats, once again penetrates into the scalp and reduces dandruff

Effective Way to Use Coconut Oil
- apply before washing your hair
- apply overnight,  this allows the coconut oil to actually penetrate your hair

In order to see a benefit from the coconut oil you have to allow it to penetrate your hair. This does not occur in a hour, give it a few hours (close to 10).

Much Love ,

Monday, January 21, 2013

Protective Style Option

Going through YouTube vids once again I found another protective style that could be done. I'm a little iffy about it but you never know how things are going to turn out till you try it. Sooooo I will give it a shot and see how it goes and take a pic of it lol.


Watch "natural hair style // cutie with a headband" on YouTube

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sip and Swap

Sip and Swap was a blast this past Saturday. Next time if there is another event I will definitely post it and let you all know so that you can attend. We talked about EVERYTHING lol. Everyone was receptive and welcoming which is a rather good feeling especially when it comes to women. Some of the things we talked about was of course hair, relationship,  eating habits, health, products, so on and so forth. Below are pics and like I said before if there is another event which I'm sure it will be I will definitely let you all know.

Much Love,

Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Natural Hair 101" Length Retention

This video is seriously right on time and very good watch and take notes. Its like going back to school and learning all over again and versing you on things that you probably did not know, or you knew about it but did nit know the benefits. Yes this video is a talkative one but certain things had to be said in order to help others. My notes on what I learned are down below. I categorize and bullet point everything that I found purposeful out of this video.

P.S. These bullet points are what I found purposeful and they are based on me in my current natural hair situation.  What you take out of the video is based on you and where you stand with you hair.

1. Spritz with water daily
- seal ends/ all over
- use natural oils (olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil)

2. Use a wide tooth comb
- detangle in sections
- detangle when wet/damp
- start from ends and work your way up

3. Limit heat/ no heat
- any direct heat ( curling iron, flat iron, blow dry)

4. Protective styling
- styles that tuck your ends away from the elements
- still moisturize

5. Deep condition
- once a week/ every other week
- this is where I observe my hair and how it acts.
- do not want to over condition

6. Trim when necessary
- do not do a trimming schedule
- another aspect where you observe your hair

7. Do not focus on products
- everyones hair responds differently to products
- what works for others may not work for you

Watch "How I Grew My Natural Hair | Length Retention - SimplYounique" on YouTube

Interesting Way to Save!

So I'm already an advocate saver due to the fact that im try to progress in my life and become a house owner. So ANYWAY I can save I'm completely up for it no if ands or buts about it. Apparently there is this new method of saving for the year which I don't know why I didn't think of it, because its rather simple and actually a very intriguing method. And like any savings method, you cannot touch the davings until the end of the year. It was suppose to start at the beginning of the year but im playing catch up to be on schedule with everyone and not miss a dollar of my savings (lol). Pictured below is a diagram that I took from Brosia and her blog so feel free to do the same and join me a lot can happen in 52 weeks and I will be blogging about the struggles and the triumphs if there are any. I will also post reminders at the end of the week so you will not forget to save.

Much Love,

Found Some Styles

So I have a three day weekend that is starting today (whoop whoop) and I will be experimenting with protective styles that I have found via, instagram, YouTube, or blogs. Pictured below are the styles, feel free to do the same and attach pictures below as well.

Much Love,

Friday, January 18, 2013

Brosia Chic Updo

Try this tomorrow for the Sip and Swap event. Looks like it will be super easy to achieve but looks can be deceiving so we will see the outcome.


Watch "Natural Hair| Brosia's Chic Updo" on YouTube

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sip and Swap

I am a member of the Meetup site, and essentially this sight is composed of different events which has been grouped based off of what you like. So if course my group was natural hair and I will be attending Sip and Swap event this Saturday the 19th at a disclosed location. At this event the attendees will have to bring products that they are no longer using and swap them with a product that they would like to try out. The whike point is to save the money that was spent on these products to swap them with something that you have been itching to tryout but do not want to spend the money. If you would like to join the meetup there is a waitlist feel free to do so at I will have pictures of the event and will of course spill the beans on how it went and what occurred.

Much Love,

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Protective Style Challenge

I took It upon myself to do protective styles for the entire month of January.  And I have being doing so as of New Years Eve, rocked a high big bun. So my gameplan was rather simple I would rock the same hairstyle for a week, and for the following week I would wear a different protective hairstyle. The problem however is that protective hairstyles can be super... duper... boring. I'm so bored that its not even funny like I almost wanna cry of the boredom that I am enduring with this challenge that I created. I've scoured YouTube on a daily basis hoping that someone would post a good video of protective hairstyles for my length, and I found a few but I need to try them before I go out in public. When I find some more I will post them in the meantime I will  be rocking buns, braids, and puffs.

Much Love,

Saturday, January 12, 2013

How I Store My Oils

Going into the New Year, one of my natural hair goals was to use natural oils more often. Thirteen days in I have been doing so, the problem however is my curious two year old who has now discovered how to open protective bottles (smh). So I have to know store my oils in different less appealing containers. I went to Target and bought the travel pack and put all of my oils into the suiting containers.  My jojoba oil is in a spray bottle, my castor oil and rosemary are mixed and in a squeeze bottle, my coconut oil is in a larger spray bottle as well. Pictured below are the bottles that they are in.

Much Love,

How I Define my Brows

I always get the asked the questions: Who does your eyebrows? What do you use? Can you do my eyebrows? Since I do not make YouTube video's (thinking about it) I found a video that resembles what I do on a daily basis. The YouTuber is Liquidliner and she is also team natural and her makeup video's are ones that are easy to follow, subscribe to her channel you will not be disappointed.

Much Love,

Watch "❤Beauty Basics❤ Defining Brows (My Brow Routine)" on YouTube

Mac Fluidline

Youtube surfing as usual one of the YouTube videos showed Mac's fluidline with the new color called deep dark brunette. In this particular video however she used it as a brow filler ans it came out rather pretty. So that same day I decided that I wanted it and drove to Orland Mall to get it. The only problem was that it was going to be on sale till the following day (-_-). To add fuel to the fire it would only be out for a limited time as well, so the Mac girl showed me the one that was already out and compared the two, and honestly the only difference was the undertone. Deep dark brunette has a green undertone to it, and the one I have called dipdown has a red undertone to it, but essentially they are the same with the slighty variation in the undertone color. I purchased it and have been using it ever since.

Much Love,

Essie's Sleek Stick

Now y'all know I love me some Essie's, so when I seen these Sleek Stick I decided to try these puppies out. They are definitely easy to apply and I added a top coat to it. Being a mom I wanted to make sure these last for at least a week because they are not cheap (9.99 to be exact). However I like the designs that Essie has and I will be using Sleek Stick in the future (sparingly, once a month lol). Sneek-E is pictured below.

Much Love,

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Resolution!!!

We all have New Year Resolutions but how many of us actually pursue them? And the resolutions that we choose are they ones that can be obtained? Reading through Refinery29 blog they listed resolutions that were very reasonable and I will be doing the ones that pertain to me.

1. Use your vacations day

Thats what they are for, do not burn yourself out use your vacation days wisely and save like one or two depending on how many you have in total and refresh yourself.

2. Explore your city.

You will be amazed of the things that are around you, explore your city by going to museums or fairs or festivals that pop up throughout the year.

3. Make time for girls night.

I already made a whole post about this, there is no need to expaling things any further (lol).

4. Actually make it to the gym.

Have set days where you actually go and be consistent,  consistency is the key to seeing results when it comes to a lot of things and the gym is not an exception.

5. Fix your wardrobe/ change your style up.

I have been doing this for the past two months, mainly because I am bored with my clothes and want some spice to my wardrobe. Clothes are suppose to be fun not put you to sleep, so do some research and figure out what you like and try it out.

6. Headout looking Fab.

Now this I've been doing, a little mascara will not hurt, having your hair neat and presentable should be something that is done daily. You NEVER know who you are going to run into, but when you do make sure you do not look dull because that is the way you will be remembered.

7. Keep your abode clean.

This should be a given, but everyone slips up every now and then especially since your life can get hectic out of the blue. So create a fool proof routine for yourself and use it accordingly.

8. Step outside the box.

Do something that you have never done before like sky diving, hookah, dance classes anything that interest you try out once a month or every two weeks.


Curly Nikki's New Year Hair Resolution Questions

I don't know many naturals who are not familiar with Curly Nikki and her blog, a very good blog might I add. On her blog she posted questions that really makes you reflect why you became a natural and your plans for the future as a natural. So I decided to answer these questions to see where I stand currently and what I plan to do in the future.

1. What is the current condition of your hair?

Currently my hair feels dry in the center of my head and I also have two textures the perimeter being a 3b the middle being 3c.

2. Are you happy with your hair at this point?

Honestly no, and here is why, my hair needs to be moisturized in the middle on a consistent basis the problem is I do not know what to use daily so that it can be moisturized. Also I still have yet to learn how to work the two different textures on my head, once I learn how to do that I will be content with my head.

3. Where do you find most of your information on how to care for your hair?

Blogs and Youtube are the main two sources that I use daily to find ways to care for my hair. Youtubers like IvyCharlene, Taren916, Shameless Mya, Andreas Choice and Curl Friends, are the main youtubers that I watch because their texture ans curl pattern is consistent with mines. However blogs give me the technical information needed on daily basis as in porosity, moisture, etc.

4. What is your current hair care plan or strategy?

Moisture, moisture, oh and more moisture. The middle of my head ia screaming for moisture. So my plan is to deep condition every two weeks, use natural oils to moisturize my hair daily (jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and castor oil), target the middle of my head for moisture every night. I will do this by using water and sealing it with castor oil. Also using protective styles throughout the Winter protecting my ends.

5. What are your hair goals?
1) Attain length
2) Hair consistently moisturized
3) Deep condition every two weeks
4) Use products that are all natural
5) Wear protective styles throughout the colder weather
6) NO HEAT, not even to blow dry

As I think of more hair goals I will post them, but currently this is where I stand.

6. Is your current plan or strategy moving you towards your hair goals, or away from them?

I believe that its moving me close to my hair goals and I will chart this by doing length checks monthly.

This was a good exercise and I suggest that other naturals do this, because reflecting on what your currently doing will let you know whats working and what isnt.

Much Love,

Happy Flippin New Year!!!!!

Me and my girls decided to bring the New Year in at a house party which was pretty decent. There was so much food and adult beverages that it wasnt even funny. For my hair I decided to rock a textured bun, I knew I was going to be dancing and if my hair was down I would be sweating like no other (not cute). At first I had a bow that I just brought from Sally's Beauty Supply store but I felt like I would be doing to much so I took it off, and fyi it was freezing out here in the Chi.