Monday, September 30, 2013

Length Check for October

So here is a side by side comparison of the progress for the month of September. Didn't use heat and deep conditioned every two weeks and used natural oils to moisturize my hair. Although I do feel like it is time for a trim 😩. I wasn't going to trim anything till December but my hair after I flat ironed on a low heat setting just doesn't flow for me. And I don't want damaged hair to grow which to me it won't grow if it is damaged sooooo..... I gotta make a trip to the salon and get these ends clipped especially the middle part and make my hair back even. Who know I might even throw in some layers to add some body to my naturally thin hair. 

Pray for me... 🙏

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Protective Hair Style: Goddess Braid

Hands down one of my favorite hairstyles especially for the summer, and now for the fall I can pair it with a hat. For the following week I will be wearing this style!!!

Much Love,

BSL Challenge

While flipping through my twitter (@BriRose26) my fave YouTuber IvyCharlaine posted this picture... 

So I started with her, I already was doing protective styles but on the weekends I let my hair flow. So I am going to do this challenge and post the pics of the hairstyles that I will be doing. I started the week off with a low poof with my ends tucked in. 

Wore that style for two days and did a bun Thursday and Friday. Currently I am on the hunt for some cute protective styles once I find some I will post them along with my attempt to do them.

Much Love,

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Growth Progress

Just a picture update in my growth since the unwanted cut in December 2012. Taking pictures is a good way to visually see your progress whether its hair or fitness. I highly suggest anyone going natural to take progress pics.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Birthday Hair!!!

     My birthday was this past month and I enjoyed myself greatly. Despite the fun I battled with what to do withy hair. I originally wanted to put some weave in my hair that way I wouldn't have to deal with it nor damage my hair with excessive heat. So I started the hunt and was highly unsuccessful, two major things prevented me from purchasing hair: the price, and travel. I didn't have time to travel and pick up the hair and I felt like I didn't want to spend an insane amount of money for "Brazilian" hair for it to last a month max. I gave up and started thinking of what I could do to my hair, I went from a bob, to Beyonce curls, to just wild and free curls. Then the problem arose of will my hair and my outfit match. Then I started flipping through the past pics that I have of natural hair celebs and ran across this pic of Kaylin Garcia where her hair was wanded and figured I try that. That was the best decision ever, I went to target brought a wand and curled my hair, that look fit my outfit which had a pinup feel to it and saved me soooooo much money and is now one of my go to hair styles!

FYI I am not naked I have on a half top.


Dry Hair

Currently I am battling dry hair, and shedding more than usual. I'm not sure if its the added stress that I've been experiencing or the lack of me caring for my hair properly. So for the month of September I will be protective styling my hair. The weather is changing and I want my hair to thrive like it did in the summer. At night I will go back to adding water (the best moisture technique) and sealing my ends with castor oil mixed with peppermint oil. When I sealed my ends using castor oil not only did I retain length, shedding went down to a minimum. I already started Monday with this change lets see how much length I can retain.