Thursday, June 23, 2011


Heat Damage the Hidden Enemy
By: Bri Rose

In so many finer hair textures heat damage can go unnoticed. For example I never thought that heat damage was possible for my hair texture. I never imagined that heat only being used once a week and no other time could alter my entire hair structure, but nevertheless it did. How does heat damage go unnoticed you ask? In my case I kept my hair flat ironed, the only time I saw the natural state of my hair was on wash day because I never blow dried my hair. However I did notice that my hair when flat ironed became very, VERY thin. So thin to the point where it was super unattractive to myself. What made it even worse is the fact that I absolutely hate when my hair is extremely thin, I love full hair, thin is not for me. Especially since my actual head shape is extremely odd to me. Having this realization, made me focus on the health of my hair and question myself, “why am I flat ironing my hair once a week?”. Not being able to produce an answer caused me to go fully natural. I was under the assumption that since I never had a perm that my hair was automatically healthy. I did everything (deep conditioning, co-washing) but I still experienced heat damage. The only way to combat heat damage and regain my natural hair pattern which I believe is a 3c is to cut out the heat which I did starting in January of 2011. Now the question arises if I should cut out the heat damage and start fresh or let it grow out and cut out heat damage along the way. Hhhhmmmm???? We will see….

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Nail Color of the Week

Nail IT
Hot Cocoa is the Nail Color of the Week by Rimmel London… Side note I absolutely love how wide the brush is, it holds just enough polish which equals less work!!!


By: Bri Rose

Since my complete natural hair adventure (not using the dreaded flat iron) began in the beginning of this year (January 11, 2011), I have been on the search for the ultimate curling aid aka stylers.
So far I have tried Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk Lite (The Curl Booster).Absolutely too heavy for my hair…failed. However this is super great for those who need extra, extra moisture, and should definitely be used on ends to keep them strong.
Tried Kinky-Curly original Curling Custard. Epic fail my hair looked bananas. Side note this is a great styler for instances where I wear my high buns though.
Tried Shea Moisture Reconstructive Elixir. Once again too heavy for my hair…But great for those who need that extra moisture.
So I raise the question are stylers really necessary in ones regimen? If so what do you use?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Workout Wednesday

Workout Tip of the Week
Every Wednesday on this lovely blog I (BriRose) will feature easy workout tips that can be done without a thought or a hint of remorse. This week, if you work or go to school or even making a pit stop to the grocery store DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT find the closest park to the door, park your car towards the back of the parking lot. In other words be the furthest car from the door. Make this a habit and I promise you will not notice that wait a minute I am working my gluteus and legs out!!! Although the notices may be subtle at first, you will eventually see results with constantly parking in the back of the parking lot. ALERT: make sure if you are out at night to park in a well-lighted area.
Enjoy walking!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Entry...Whoop!!!

Blog Action!!!!
So…yeah I’ve decided to start a blog….WHOOP!!!! Lol. Why you ask? Mainly for three reasons. Number 1 I am always on the computer, and I mean always thanks to college. Number 2 I like to speak my opinion point blank period. Number 3, to chart my natural hair journey of course. This blog will not just be about hair mainly because I get bored very easily, but it will be about social/political issues, contain reviews (books, movies, clubs etc.), and feature workout tips for mothers (since I am a mother myself). Also there will be monthly challenges called TRY THIS FOR A MONTH….. for those who would want to participate. If this blog gains popularity the only thing I will add will be features of other naturals who have transitioned but until then…I’m improvising…so read….if you dare….