Sunday, January 27, 2013

She's In Color Social Event

I had a blast at this event this past Saturday.  Everyone was friendly and sociable and the atomsphere in the room was beyond dope. So, I know you are wondering what exactly is She's In Color right? She's in Color is an organization created by Aaja Corinne, and its purpose is a empowerment campaign designed as a call for women to embrace their individuality and purpose. Pretty dope concept right? Anyhoo the food was good the raffle prizes were super sweet, and the purpose for the event was even better I had a ball, and I hope she does plenty more events.

As for my hair, I definitely rocked a high puffy bun I felt it that fitted the occasion.  But baby when I got there, I was pleasantly surpised by the number of natural hair divas thats was in the building, I shoulda took a picture with each of them but... I just snuck these in (lol) dont judge my life.

Much Love,

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