Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kinky Curly Coily Me Check In

Here are the questions that was asked last week.

1. We all love being natural but is there anything about being natural that you are SO over?

Such a loaded question it can be answered so many different ways lol. What I totally dislike is seeing certain comments towards individuals who straighten their hair, or who have perms being bashed by naturals. In my opinion I feel like how people want to wear their hair, is how they want to wear do not bash them if you do anything just simply state the effects of the things they are doing to their hair. Another thing I am tired of is natural bashing other naturals who have never had a perm. Some of the things I have seen or experienced first hand is people saying "well technically your not natural because you never had a perm" o.O you've got to be kidding me. To me it bait shows ignorance we are both doing the samething to our hair which is wearing it in our natural state which essentially makes you a natural.

2. Do you prefer all natural/ organic products or are you open to anything? Why?

Long as is it doesn't have alcohols in it, I could truly care less. However I do like organic items like coconut oil and castor oil. The prices are very reasonable and the effects it has on my hair are priceless.

3. How did you do last week? Did you follow through with your goals? Any challenges this far?

I did well last week stuck to my goals despite the ish I've been dealing with ;-( but the challenges seem to change week by week.  The biggest challenge is finding out how I want to apply castor oil to my hair that would he beneficial to my hair. I've been applying to my ends but I believe that I might start applying to my scalp in the middle of my hair a day or two before I wash. Since castor oil is super rich and thick it weighs my hair down so I'll apply it to my scalp before I wash my hair.

Much Love,

Heat Damage Round 2... Fight!

I received an email asking if there is anyway to deal with heat damaged pieces, being a victim myself I had no clue. So I told her that I would research the options that we have.

* hot oil treatments
* deep condition regularly
* use products w/ Humectants (holds and attracts moisture)
* make sure the conditioners are high in moisture retaining abilities
* eat more protein (fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish and nuts)
* protect ends from outside elements and clothing ( updo)
* use a leave in conditioner

However a lot of the articles I read on heat damamge made it very clear that it truly depends on how severe the hair damage is. If you have severely heat damaged hair it is not reversable and you will essentially have to cut the heat damaged pieces off in order to achieve the curls you want. If you do not want to cut your hair (like me) then wear updos or protective styles that is not to strenuous on your hair until you achieve the length you want.

Much Love,


Monday, October 8, 2012

Length Check In

It's about that time to see where my hair now lies or if it has grown at all. The purple shirt is where I started in September and the black straps is my October length. To me it has grown my next check in is in November, the way these months are flying I will be checking in shortly lol.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Day 9

Twisted crown is what I call it, pretty simple two strand flat twist with a deep part, and the ends pinned up.



Basically I am super fed up with this gap that I have between the middle of my hair and the back of my hair. The back is so much longer than the rest of my hair, ironically when my hair is flat ironed it falls perfectly because my hair is layered. The battle though that I'm having is that if I trim my hair I would mess up EVERY challenge that I am in ( afroniquely, kinky curly coily me, and my own bsl). My hair is not flowing properly and it annoys the hell out of me, can't wear twistouts, braidouts or even wash and goes without my hair looking choppy and uneven, and all I want is for it to flow properly (the struggle).

So my options are minimal, I can trim it which really wouldn't affect any of the challenges but that means I have to flat iron it. I could just wait till December when all of the challenges are over and then trim or cut it. Or I could just cut it to where it flows. As of right now I don't have a clue on what to do, since I've been wearing protective styles it doesn't really matter to be totally honest but when I go out and just want a head full of curls I can't wear it ( -_- ).


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kinky Curly Coily Me Check In....

This castor oil challenge is MAD real!!! So I discovered after a month usage of castor oil that I cannot put it on my scalp. The consistency is ultra thick and forces me to wash my hair more than once a week (eek). Definitely switched up how I use castor quickly because I felt like me washing my hair consistently is drying to the hair and super annoying. And besides it takes forever to dry my hair and the weather is about to dip (I ain't about that life). I now put castor oil strictly on my ends. However for the middle part of my hair which is a whole different breed of hair regardless I put the castor oil further up, the mid part of my hair length to be exact. This is due to the fact that part of my hair does not seem to retain moisture. On a lighter note I have noticed that my hair is retaining length and it has more sheen to it. I was really hoping to have thicker hair with the castor oil, but since I'm not applying it to the scalp that is reason why my hair will probably not be thicker (-_-) I'll figure it out its only been a month lol. Much Love, Bri

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Monday, October 1, 2012


Turn up!!! Lol so #mycurlsbad finally released the pictures of the people whose curls they think are bad on instagram. The date for release is 10/1/12 and they literally started at 12am or at least that's what it felt like (lol). Anyhoo I have the picture that they featured and if you want to be featured all you have to do is hash tag #mycurlsbad and BAM!! You maybe featured lol.


Protective Styles... Day 7

I made it!!! Yes I know this may seem little or a smidge over board but it takes a lot for me not to wear my hair down. And the fact that I made it a week without buckling is great! I'm on week two and I have googled some more images that I will be replicating. I used castor oil for the tips, water, coconut oil, rubber band on the braid, scrunchy for the bun along with bobby pins for it to stay in place.


Protective Styles... Day 6

Simple updo, bun in the back, hump in the front, used water, coconut oil, and brush to get the style to look neat.


Protective Styles... Day 5

And the protective styles continue... This one was super simple I did a high ponytail, twisted it and bobby pinned it in the back. Took no more than two minutes would've added a scarf or headband but I didn't have a decent looking to wear outside lol.