Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Curly Nikki's New Year Hair Resolution Questions

I don't know many naturals who are not familiar with Curly Nikki and her blog, a very good blog might I add. On her blog she posted questions that really makes you reflect why you became a natural and your plans for the future as a natural. So I decided to answer these questions to see where I stand currently and what I plan to do in the future.

1. What is the current condition of your hair?

Currently my hair feels dry in the center of my head and I also have two textures the perimeter being a 3b the middle being 3c.

2. Are you happy with your hair at this point?

Honestly no, and here is why, my hair needs to be moisturized in the middle on a consistent basis the problem is I do not know what to use daily so that it can be moisturized. Also I still have yet to learn how to work the two different textures on my head, once I learn how to do that I will be content with my head.

3. Where do you find most of your information on how to care for your hair?

Blogs and Youtube are the main two sources that I use daily to find ways to care for my hair. Youtubers like IvyCharlene, Taren916, Shameless Mya, Andreas Choice and Curl Friends, are the main youtubers that I watch because their texture ans curl pattern is consistent with mines. However blogs give me the technical information needed on daily basis as in porosity, moisture, etc.

4. What is your current hair care plan or strategy?

Moisture, moisture, oh and more moisture. The middle of my head ia screaming for moisture. So my plan is to deep condition every two weeks, use natural oils to moisturize my hair daily (jojoba oil, coconut oil, rosemary oil, and castor oil), target the middle of my head for moisture every night. I will do this by using water and sealing it with castor oil. Also using protective styles throughout the Winter protecting my ends.

5. What are your hair goals?
1) Attain length
2) Hair consistently moisturized
3) Deep condition every two weeks
4) Use products that are all natural
5) Wear protective styles throughout the colder weather
6) NO HEAT, not even to blow dry

As I think of more hair goals I will post them, but currently this is where I stand.

6. Is your current plan or strategy moving you towards your hair goals, or away from them?

I believe that its moving me close to my hair goals and I will chart this by doing length checks monthly.

This was a good exercise and I suggest that other naturals do this, because reflecting on what your currently doing will let you know whats working and what isnt.

Much Love,

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