Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hair Puff

Curly Ponytail Progression...
By: Bri Rose

Curly ponytails are hands down the easiest chicest style for any natural to achieve when that person believes they are having a bad hair day. I use this style often as well as the high bun on those super hot days, and lazy days everyone has one of those. However I also use ponytails as a protective style to keep my ends from rubbing the fabric of my shirt. Here's a pic of my ponytail from May, the next time I take a pic of my ponytail will be in August. Deuces!!!

Length Check!!!!

Length Check Roll Call!!!!
Sort of
By: Bri Rose

I have not flat ironed my hair in 6 months which is the absolute longest that I have gone without heat. Anyways I felt like it was time to see how long my hair had grown and to also check if my hair was healthy. My hair had grown significantly but the mistake I made was not getting the damaged ends clipped off first before starting. Basically all the new growth I had attained got snipped away and ended up on the floor :-/ So starting now or really last Tuesday July 5th, I will definitely start measuring my hair along with pictures to see and record the growth of my hair, and to also see if I am attaining the length that I think I am each month. Starting with this picture as the first month of length checks. Deuces!!!
DO NOT use my pictures without my permission.
July: 9 1/2 inches

Thursday, July 7, 2011


By: Bri Rose

So I attended my cousin's wedding ended up being a hostess which normally happens when I attend any wedding lol, I never get to sit an enjoy always working lol. Anyhoo, what I really was happy about is the fact that the curlformers i bought which cost an arm and a leg worked lovely and lasted all day. Here are the pics to show which I took at the end of the day, enjoy!!!

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