Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shape Up With Bri

Since im exercising way more often I will be posting the exercises that I am doing. There will be certain exercises that I do every night (Mon-Sat) those are planks, and squats. There are at least 18 different types of squats, I do at least ten different types throughout the month. However with weights I do 100 standard squats. The amount of squats I do in the morning varies ranges from at least 60 up to 200.

For my planks it is rather simple I do four different types of planks than increase the timing in the planks a minute each month. Posted below are pics of the planks and types of squats that I do.

Enjoy and get fit!!!

Tights into a Top?

Youtuber ItsMyRayeRaye turned a pair of tights into a pretty decent top that could definitely be worn out and about. Like qho would of thought something so simple could be used and turned into a top seriously! So creative I tell ya! She cut the feet off and then the middle part of the tights out and waa laa a shirt with sheer sleeves! I posted the video below of course so take a look and see if this up your alley.

Much Love!!!

Watch "DIY Turn your old Tights into a cute Top!" on YouTube

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Weight Gain Journey

Like I mentioned before my blog is about any and everything that interest me and currently im on a quest to gain weight. No I'm not doing this for anyone but myself, I've always wanted to be 120-125 pounds and currently I am at 110 pounds and have been since 2010. The most I ever weighed without kids was 115 and that was in high school when iwas running track and doing cheerleading. I was super active and my body was exactly how I wanted it to be. Now after two kids I weigh 110 and I'm active but nowhere near as active as I was in high school. I dance and workout and thats about it, however I need to up the ante for me to be content so the goal for the end of this year is 125 solid pounds of muscle which is very possible long as I stay diligent to the diet and workout regimen. I will post monthly progress of how much I weigh and my measurements also the exercises that I am doing, and what I am eating to get to this goal.

Chest: 32
Waist: 28
Hips: 33
Thigh: 18
Calf: 12 1/2

Much Love,

Updo Protective Style

Lilith Moon on youtube is know for creating and breaking down some very pretty hairstyles. Although the videos are not geared towards natural hair community it could definitely still be used, especially for those who are doing protective hairstyles for the winter season. In this video she parted tucked and rolled the three sections in the back of her head after she had teased her crown. She also left out a few face framing pieces. For myself I did not tease my hair nor part the backe in three sections to tuck away. I only did two sections and pinned the ends, and for the face framing pieces I used curlformers as opposed to heat to make the curls that I was looking for.

Much Love,

Watch "Short hair updo for work office job interview Elegant formal hairstyle for medium long hair" on YouTube