Thursday, September 27, 2012

Protective Style.... Day 4

Hair inspiration today came from browsing the web. Basically I just parted my hair deep on the side, and French braided it from one side to the other.


Protective Styles...Day 3

Just a simple hump bobby pinned up, a ponytail with the ends bobby pinned in.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Protective Styles...Day 2

Technically... I'm on day three but no biggie who is really keeping track lol. I attempted to not a protective Style this day and thought to myself don't break on what you said you was going to do. Mind you this was after I took my French braids down and was about to head out the door (sad). Anywho, with this style I left some pieces of hair out in the front and bunned the back of my hair by like the nape of my neck. I bobby pinned the extra hair in the front after I swooped it ( would be a whole lot easier to visualize if I posted YouTube vids... I'm thinking about it). Pics are down below.


Protective Styles... Day 1

So I took the pictures but completely forgot to post the blog...(whoops). This look was inspired by my fave Tracee Ellis Ross and it is simply two French braids with the ends bobby pinned in, took me a legit two minutes and I love it!!!! I received a lot of compliments, but wait did I mention that it takes a legit TWO MINUTES!!!!!


Monday, September 24, 2012

Dry Weather = Drier Hair

The cooler seasons are upon us and is already causing me to revamp my entire hair system, along with being back at work. My hair is already feeling less soft and has less sheen (not good). So here is my plan of action for my hair.

1. More updos
- of course I don't really care for time consuming ones so less is more to me.
2. Daily usage of coconut oil
- specifically in the middle and on my ends
3. Wash my hair less
- this will be difficult, mainly because of product build up on my scalp so we will see
4. Only air dry when I'm at home for a specified amount of time
- wash days have to be planned now (-_-)
5. Deep condition more often
- pretty simple
6. At night braid hair in one or two braids or twist

This is what I have brained stormed so far and if I add or take away I will post that change to the list.

Much Love,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Set in Stone...Essie

I have been using this lovely polish all summer but only on one nail, because I thought it would be over kill. Wanting something different I used it on all my nails and I FLIPPING LOVE IT!!!! I believe its around $6 to $8 bucks can't really recall since I had it for a minute however I will be picking up the different colors from Target soon...

Much Love,

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Twistout...From a week ago lol

I am slowly but surely learning my hair better than I ever have before. Currently my hair thrives when organic coconut oil is used as a moisturizer. Also I need to focus daily moisture in the middle of my hair as oppose to my entire hair. Anyhoo I washed my hair and did a twistout letting it air dry all day using coconut oil as a moisturizer, and below are the results of this twistout.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Updo Season!!! Aka Proctective Styles

Now that I am back at work (amen to that) and the weather is changing, it is time for proctective styling. Not going to lie it is definitely not my favorite thing because it can be time consuming and the styles I like seem even harder to achieve (bummer). I also have this HUGE fear that I may lose length trying these proctective styles out which is not my goal in this heartless journey. So....with that being said I plan on trying out certain hairstyles with accessories first. Accessories make any style appear fancier than it really it is. I will be taking pics showing the styles I copied.

Much Love,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How Do You Achieve Second, Third day WnG

Since braidouts and twistouts was not giving me the body and fullness that I want I decided to do wash and go. That's was over a week ago and I am currently doing the same thing, the problem is I use my water bottle and Giovanni Direct leave conditioner DAILY. I do not want to have wet hair everyday that is super annoying. I now have to find a away to achieve second and third day hair without having to soak my hair daily....HELP!!!

Much Love,

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Black Book of Makeup???

While browsing in Target I ran across this lovely display of nail polishes, makeup and so forth, upon taking a closer look I realized that it was ELF. So of course I looked even harder knowing that their prices are never over board to begin with, it was only nail color that I wanted however ELF created this eyeshadow palette that holds a total of 48 eye colors with a mirror on the inside for $6 bucks *_* not bad in my book and worth giving a try. So I picked it up since I needed something makeup wise for my purse anyways since it conveniently fits in my purse why not. Below are pictures of what it looks like. AND ELF has two different types of these eyeshadow books one warm and one cool, I picked up the cool so I have a ton of warm cools to begin with.

Much Love,

Updos that I Will be Rockin'

Flipping through instagram (yet again) I came across these pics of updos that I will be using to perserve my ends. Thanks Draya and her friend Mercede (I believe).


Hands In Hair Syndrome...

The more I go through this heatless natural journey the more I find myself playing in my hair. It's such a bad habit that I'm trying to break but it is SUPER hard!!! Lol. So I'm trying to put it in my head that there are bad side effects when your hands are constantly in your hair.

1. Disturbs the curl pattern (especially when damp).
2. Causes excess frizz
3. If you actually twirl or pull your hair it can lead to patterned baldness (scary O.o)

With those effects here's how you can solve the problem.

1. Hair accessories
     Headbands, bobby pins anything that keeps your hair out of your face. Even you sunglasses that has the smooth nose piece can be used. Hats can also be in this category as well as head scarfs.

2. Wear updos
     If your hair is up how can you touch it without messing up your hairstyle. This can include ponytails as well.

3. Keep yourself occupied while your hair dries, run around with the kids, clean your house or apartment. Essentially anything that keeps your hands occupied DO IT!

Much Love,

Monday, September 10, 2012

Natural Instagrams

Surfing instagram I noticed some more natural hair instagrams that us naturals can be featured in. @NATURALHAIRDOESCARE and @flynaturals.
Natural hair does care has a list of themes throughout the week that you can hashtag under your picture and if they like you picture you will definitely see your picture.

Fly naturals is simpler than its counter part if you think your picture is fly hashtag #flynatural under it, down below I have a screen shot of their requirements, so start hashtagging!!!

Much Love,

The VMA'S 2012

The video music awards this year was not bad at all, my mother even enjoyed it and anyone that knows my mom knows that it actually had to be good (lol). While watching a couple of people caught my eye whether it was the persons hair or their outfit, those people are: Alicia Keys, Zoe Saldana, and of course Rihana.

As all us naturals know Alicia Keys cut her hair and it is not bad at all. Her baby is even rocking a nice set of curls as well.

Rihana done went and chopped her hair pixie style!!! Not bad Rihana and her dress was amazing, my favorite from the VMA'S hands down. Her makeup was pinup classic almost just a smidge soft.

Zoe Saldana was super pretty as usual makeup appears to be a smokey eye, and her hair in loose curls. A real girly girl look that can definitely be duplicated if you wanted to.

Pictures down below...

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kinky Curly Coily Me Check In

Week 2 questions for the Castor oil challenge via kinky curly coily me.

1. Where do you live?
*I reside in Chicago.

2. Are other members of your family natural to?
*Yes there are other members in my family who are natural, so many to the point where it would be daunting and highly annoying to name them all (lol).

3. How did you use castor oil in your hair last week?
*I was going to do my scalp but I changed my mind knowing that I would possibly have build up and would have to wash more often than usual. So I only use it to seal my ends and that is it.

Much Love,

I Need Moisture!!!!

My hair has been feeling (looking) super dry and once again its only in the middle everywhere else (the perimeter) is moisturized and shiny. But the middle of my head is like O.o lol seriously though. So I plan on using coconut oil as my moisturizer with special emphasis on the middle. I will be using castor oil for my tips and coconut oil specifically for the middle. By October 8th, 2012 I will have pictures and let you all know the results, granted moisture may not come right away but "something" should occur.

Much love,

Ponytail: A Poem for Gabby Douglas

While making my mom a facebook page (don't ask) she shared with me this YouTube link that was emailed to her. This poem is absolutely wonderful and in my opinion should have way more views than it does. Her name is Jasmine Waiters and she has a lot to say.


Watch "Ponytail A poem for Gabby Douglas mp4" on YouTube

Thursday, September 6, 2012

I'm Featured on Hairscapades!!!!

Eeek!!! I'm featured on Hairscapades which is a lovely natural hair blog/ website (which I follow). ^_^ the title is Hair Crush: Bri's Story go check it out and enjoy!!!

Much Love,

Instagram Pics!!!

Just pics from my instagram: BriRose26