Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Protective Style Challenge

I took It upon myself to do protective styles for the entire month of January.  And I have being doing so as of New Years Eve, rocked a high big bun. So my gameplan was rather simple I would rock the same hairstyle for a week, and for the following week I would wear a different protective hairstyle. The problem however is that protective hairstyles can be super... duper... boring. I'm so bored that its not even funny like I almost wanna cry of the boredom that I am enduring with this challenge that I created. I've scoured YouTube on a daily basis hoping that someone would post a good video of protective hairstyles for my length, and I found a few but I need to try them before I go out in public. When I find some more I will post them in the meantime I will  be rocking buns, braids, and puffs.

Much Love,

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