Saturday, January 19, 2013

"Natural Hair 101" Length Retention

This video is seriously right on time and very good watch and take notes. Its like going back to school and learning all over again and versing you on things that you probably did not know, or you knew about it but did nit know the benefits. Yes this video is a talkative one but certain things had to be said in order to help others. My notes on what I learned are down below. I categorize and bullet point everything that I found purposeful out of this video.

P.S. These bullet points are what I found purposeful and they are based on me in my current natural hair situation.  What you take out of the video is based on you and where you stand with you hair.

1. Spritz with water daily
- seal ends/ all over
- use natural oils (olive oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil)

2. Use a wide tooth comb
- detangle in sections
- detangle when wet/damp
- start from ends and work your way up

3. Limit heat/ no heat
- any direct heat ( curling iron, flat iron, blow dry)

4. Protective styling
- styles that tuck your ends away from the elements
- still moisturize

5. Deep condition
- once a week/ every other week
- this is where I observe my hair and how it acts.
- do not want to over condition

6. Trim when necessary
- do not do a trimming schedule
- another aspect where you observe your hair

7. Do not focus on products
- everyones hair responds differently to products
- what works for others may not work for you

Watch "How I Grew My Natural Hair | Length Retention - SimplYounique" on YouTube

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