Friday, December 7, 2012

Girls Night!!!

Girls night was definitely needed...and I do mean NEEDED! (Lol) there is nothing better than gathering with your girls playing games catching up with each other eating and of course having an occasional drink or three (lol). My suggestion is to have a girl's night every month and rotate where you all meet so that the same person is not burdened with the responsibility of arranging the success of a girl's night. So what's the requirement for having a successful girls night? Pretty simple.

1. Arrange things in advance a month in advance to be exact that way people can alter their schedules accordingly.

2. Send reminder txts every now and then so that the girls won't forget. As adults we do become very busy and things do slip our minds so whoever is the designated arranger needs to send reminders to the attendees.

3. Designate dishes to the attendees similar to a potluck. However make sure that you are prepared to cover any dishes that are neglected. Have a back up plan better safe than sorry.

4. Have a variety of games to play, keep the action going, because either way it goes a conversation will happen after or during the game. But in case it doesn't have a wide variety of games.

These simples steps will help you to have a successful girls night.


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