Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December = Family Time

Although family time should occur every month, it most like occurs in the month of December do to the holidays. With that in mind I decided to create activities for my boys and I to do throughout this month ending in January.

Movie Madness Mondays:
Pretty simple concept every Monday watch a Christmas movie as family eating popcorn, pretzels, chips or whatever you all enjoy as a snack in the main room of your house with no distractions (put your phone in another room). There are tons of kids Christmas movie to choose from a few that I personally like are: Arthur's Christmas, Polar Express, Shrek the Halls, How the Grundy Stole Christmas.

Turn it off Tuesday's:
Instead of watching TVs or the kids playing video games, play a board game that is age appropriate for your child. For example: Candy Land, Monopoly, Life, Scrabble to name a few.

We Eat Wednesday's:
Eat dinner together at the same table or even go to your favorite restaurant long as its done together and the family is interacting that is the main and only goal.

Interactive Thursday's:
On this day you can make sugar cookies in the shape of Christmas themes, play video games together, or an art activity. This day is more like an hands on day where you can do any random activity that you please. Moreover you can ask your child what he/she wants to do and if you approve of it, just do it.

Family Fun Friday's:
Made it through the week and its now the weekend why not pick an activity outside the house. Museums, chuckie cheese, odyessy fun world is a few of the places that your family can go to. Or if there are special event in your area visit those places and make it an yearly event and more relatives or friends to go with you as well. For example: Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier, the Christmas lights on Michigan Avenue, or even something simple as riding your neighborhood ans looking at the Christmas lights in your area.

Once again the main goal is to have fun with your family nothing more nothing less.

Much Love,

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