Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My First Entry...Whoop!!!

Blog Action!!!!
So…yeah I’ve decided to start a blog….WHOOP!!!! Lol. Why you ask? Mainly for three reasons. Number 1 I am always on the computer, and I mean always thanks to college. Number 2 I like to speak my opinion point blank period. Number 3, to chart my natural hair journey of course. This blog will not just be about hair mainly because I get bored very easily, but it will be about social/political issues, contain reviews (books, movies, clubs etc.), and feature workout tips for mothers (since I am a mother myself). Also there will be monthly challenges called TRY THIS FOR A MONTH….. for those who would want to participate. If this blog gains popularity the only thing I will add will be features of other naturals who have transitioned but until then…I’m improvising…so read….if you dare….

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