Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Length Check!

Check out where my hair length is in my new video!

A few things to know, my ultimate hair goal is for purely strong and healthy hair. If I get to my goal length than that is a bonus however I am not aiming for length I'm aiming for healthy hair. But it is fun to see my hair grow and I am curious to see if I am retaining any length at all, so why not chart it and watch it grow. So my goal length is 14 inches by next summer. I'm already at 10 inches in the back, 11 inches in the middle, and 9 inches at the top. Is this goal possible yes, will I cry if I don't get to my goal length, absolutely not. With all the moisturizing that I will be doing and deep treatments I believe that this goal is very attainable.

Thanks for reading!

Bri Rose

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