Saturday, April 6, 2013

My Cardio Regimen

I did not have a cardio regimen at first because in my opinion gaining weight and cardio are complete opposites. However I like to keep my heart healthy and upon actually researching I discovered the benefits of cardio. The biggest benefit being it makes you lean and ripped which is my goal.

Then the next question that had to be answered was how much cardio and how often. Reading different articles there was a lot of conflicting info. Some articles said that your heart rate determines if you burn calories, or actual body fat which in itself sound utterly confusing, and when I learn more about it I will gladly let ya know. However in my opinion if walking can burn calories so can running and I want to keep as many calories as possible (trying to gain not lose).

The only thing that was persistent with cardio and weight gain was the timing of when a person should run. And that my friends is in the morning before you eat. Your body at this point is has no carbohydrates in it so apparently you will be burning body fat. And for me since I have not eaten yet I'm not burning the calories I'm suppose to consume daily.

Finally my regimen for this month (lol):
I run Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The first week I run the 100 meter stretch 4 times. Second week, 6 times third week 8 times and the fourth week 10 times. Originally the plan was to run the 100 meter 4 times for the entire month of April but my body adjust to things quickly and that further means I wouldnt see a change in my body either so I changed it. The days where I'm just to lazy and don't want to pack up my boys and travel I just run my block it is farely similar to the length of 100 meters so no excuse for me.

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