Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Worst Salon Experience Ever

It never fails whenever I go to a hair salon I never get the desired results and I do mean NEVER!!! This past weekend I went to get my curly hair shaped (will post a pic below) and she cut my hair significantly so much to the point where it barely touches my shoulders. I waw wo upset to the point where I was super calm (not a good thing). And whats crazy is that this is normal for me, everytime I go to the hair salon they ALWAYS hack off my hair and I mean ALWAYS!!! This should not be life. I honestly only had one great hair dresses that I went to habitually throughout high school and what sucks is that that shop closed -_- she brought my hair back to life LITERALLY. In high school I started experimenting with color not knowing the side effects of color treated hair not being taken care of properly. And my hair broke off and thinned out completely however going to her she gradually cut the color out and brought my hair back to life, man I miss her greatly. Im seriously starting to believe that if people who are not well equipped with doing hair should say so seriously. Im going to start traveling to New York once a year to get my hair trimmed properly sad but hey I refuse to let this happen again I am now starting over and have to manage short hair which I am not use to at all.

Nevertheless on a positive note my curls are springy and defined which they have never been the shape just is not the best all. But im trying to stay positive and move on from it, now I really get to gauge how my hair grows from month to month. A lot of experimentation will also be occurring as well which will probably make this blog a whole lot more interesting than before.

Not Happy...

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  1. Awww, I know how you feel. I have had a few bad salon experiences. Your curls are very pretty though!