Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stuck on the Twist Out

I am still stuck on the perfect twist out. I am determined to get the perfect twist out for my hair. My hair, although it appears like it has a lot of volume is actually super fine, especially when I get my ends trimmed.  I can get a trim two to three whole months ago and my ends are still flippin blunt as hell (smh). Anyhoo I have been doing different variations of twist outs (there's only two) and I like how they both turned out honestly. When I flat twist in the front the definition is greater but in the back not so much. When I twist freely in the back its super defined all around so what use to work before does not work now free twist win. Except... my ends. My ends are like stiff and straight and it doesn't blend at all and it looks to me beyond ridiculous (back to the drawing board).

So I went to YouTube of course, a natural girl haven and found a video with a lady using flexirods to twist her ends. Yes I know that you can use perm rods which are super uncomfortable for me and don't work for me at all (sad). Trying this flexiroding the ends tonight since I'm free to have to trial and error sessions. And ending the frustration today lol. The video is down below from MyNaturalSistas.


Watch "Curly Twist Out Tutorial: Heart-Shaped Hair for Valentine's Day" on YouTube

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