Saturday, June 8, 2013

Its All About the Twist Out

Love Shameless Maya, if you haven't been on her YouTube page you must be under some kind of rock. She's dope and so is her hair, which by the way she shaved off completely... yes she shaved all of it off (you go girl) and she still is super pretty! Anyhoo I'm working on day three of a wash and go and its about time to do a twistout. There are two ways to do this, you can do a flat twist or you can do a regular two strand twist.  What's the difference?  A big one if you ask me which is the main reason I have a video posted below of Maya showing the two different ways. Initially you get the same pattern but for me when I do a flat two strand twist my curls are more defined. When I do a regular twist my curls are looser and a smidge less defined.

So today and tomorrow I am going to compare the two, doing a flat two strand twist tonight and tomorrow I will do a regular twist. Like I mentioned earlier I posted a video below of Maya doing both types. I'll also be sealing my ends with coconut oil which is my fave and using my spray bottle to have less frizz and more manageability.


Watch "Twist Out Hairstyle for Curly Girls!!!" on YouTube

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