Saturday, June 29, 2013

Another Cut!!!

So I know I'm late with this post because the video is dated in May and its clearly about to be July (can't be on top of everything). But I literally watched this youtuber IvyCharlaine grow her hair from neck length hair to down her back hair, and she cut it off back to where she started her journey. Starting to notice that people do acquire change for a reason, either they are bored or just need something new. I myself have experienced this throughout my life, I have had my hair super long (bra strap length) got bored and cut it into a bob. Not just once or twice but a like five times and my hair grows back. My problem however is right after I cut it I relapse and panic. Literally I start to question myself like why did you do that? Then my family of course chimes in because they have gotten use to my long hair. Eventually I adjust to my hair, but initially it is a pure shock that I even did it, and this before I knew anything about weaves, because I definitely would've just gotten a sew in instead of cutting my hair lol. But anyhoo enjoy the video it s amazing to see a nice amount of naturals cut their hair, it changes the real aspect of why people become natural in the first place. I truly believe that the goal is to have healthy hair not just length.

Much Love!

Watch "**I am NOT my hair, time for a drastic change.....**" on YouTube

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