Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mixing Moisturizer with Foundation

Like most females I like all day no "cakey" coverage when it comes to makeup in general. Do I wear makeup daily? To me, not really. However I will not leave out the house with my eyebrows in shape. So if I'm in a hurry the everyday three things I put on my face is lipstick, filling in my eyebrows, and mascara.

There are days though when I feel like my skin tone is blotchy (all in my head probably lol) and I'll put on some foundation. The problem for me when it comes to foundation is that my face for some reason get dry through out the day no matter how well I prep my skin. While browsing through YouTube,  I saw a video where the individual mixed the moisturizer with the foundation and it gave the individual skin a nice dewy glow. Now you know I had to try it of course and so far this past two week it has been working like a charm.

I use Ambi daily moisturizer and Covergirl Queen Collection foundation in Brulee. One tip I did pick up to minimize pores is swirl the foundation on is circles that way you are covering every area of your face. If you go on YouTube and put in GossMakeupArtist you will see exactly what I am talking about.

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