Monday, May 13, 2013

How to Make Your Flat Ironed Hair Last!!!

All natural hair divas know that heat is the devil especially when its used excessively. But every now and then I miss my straight hair and would like to rock it with my Beyonce curls in it. In order to do this I still stick to my natural hair regimen only tweaking bits and pieces of it during the drying process. I still wash and condition and add my jojoba oil however I separate my hair into four sections and braid it up and let it air dry in the braid. I still try to refrain fromn using the blow drier unless I'm in a hurry. And if I absolutely have to use a blower drier its on cool setting.

Getting my hair flat is not a problem. Keeping the Kim Kardashian curls however is. I do not like flat hair unless I am aiming for it. So to keep from curling my hair daily I use flexi rods they come in different sizes and colors. The smaller the rod the tighter the curl. The bigger the rod the looser the curl. The catch is you have to have at least an hour for the curls to actually set. I don't use moose, I'm pretty sure it will aide in helping the curls stay as well.
I use the purple and blue rods and I let it sit over night for maximum impact. I also split my hair down the middle and roll my hair backwards so the curls fall away from my face. And no I am not naked in these pics I am wearing a half top and yes my youngest decided to photo bomb my pics ( he's a kid it happens).

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