Sunday, March 24, 2013

Water Challenge!!!

Since I have been working out more and researching more I learned a lot about the benefits of water. To be honest along with that I learned the side effects of not consuming enough water as well (and its not a pretty one).

The benefits of water are:

*controls calories
*aids in digestion
*aids in absorption
*transportation of nutrients
*energizes muscles
*keeps skin clear/youthful
*helps your kidneys
*maintain normal bowel function
*protects joints
*aids metabolism
*protects organs
*fights diseases

Because of my lack of consumption I decided to do a water consumption challenge starting today until the end if April. The least amount of water an individual should consume is 8 glasses a day so that is the amount that I am consuming daily. F.Y.I I absolutely hate water (lol) so this challenge is really going to be a hard challenge I rather consume 8 cups of milk than water but that is the point of the challenge so I am going to do it.

Good Luck!!!

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