Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hair Typing... Is it Necessary???

Yes and no... and here's why. Knowing your type can help your natural hair journey significantly I believe. You can nourish your hair properly with the right products that cater to your hair type. Some hair types require more moisture than others and certain products cater speficially to that hair type. Detangling methods this is also key to know when it comes to your hair type as well. For example more loosely curled types can finger detangled while others have to have methods to detangle their hair which can help your growth as well. The type of products being used is hair type oriented, even the amount of twists and braids used for your braidout and twistout is hair type oriented as well.

However hair typing becomes conflicting when hair porosity becomes involved. I know some 4a types whose porosity can literally take them out of the "norm" 4a standards. The thickness of ones hair strand (fine, and thick) can also alter the type of hair catergory that they are placed in due to how their curl appears.

Although I only gave two examples for the "no" catergory these two reasons alone are major reasons. You can not properly care for your hair if you dont know the porosity and the thickness of your hair. Over moisturizing can occur which can lead to breakage and no growth. So what naturalistas should be concerned with is their hair porosity and their hair thickness... the curl pattern... not so much.

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