Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Heat Damage Round 2... Fight!

I received an email asking if there is anyway to deal with heat damaged pieces, being a victim myself I had no clue. So I told her that I would research the options that we have.

* hot oil treatments
* deep condition regularly
* use products w/ Humectants (holds and attracts moisture)
* make sure the conditioners are high in moisture retaining abilities
* eat more protein (fruits, vegetables, chicken, fish and nuts)
* protect ends from outside elements and clothing ( updo)
* use a leave in conditioner

However a lot of the articles I read on heat damamge made it very clear that it truly depends on how severe the hair damage is. If you have severely heat damaged hair it is not reversable and you will essentially have to cut the heat damaged pieces off in order to achieve the curls you want. If you do not want to cut your hair (like me) then wear updos or protective styles that is not to strenuous on your hair until you achieve the length you want.

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