Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Salvage that Expensive Lipstick!!!

There has been plenty of times where my lipstick has reached the point where I can no longer twist it to use it and clearly there is enough left to be used in the tube. And for $20 I am definitely going to try to get ALL the use of that lipstick as possible!!! So here is what you can do.

1. Buy a lip container from either Wal-Mart, Target and I believe even Ulta. These little containers are like $1 to $5 depending on how many are in a package.

2. Get a butter knife from the kitchen and scrap the the lipstick that is left in the lipstick tube.

3. You can add your favorite moisturizing lip balm to it as well to prolong that lipstick as well if you like.

That's it, its pretty simple and super expensive, and you also get a longer wear out of your favorite lipstick as well.

Much Love,

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