Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Little Black Book of Makeup???

While browsing in Target I ran across this lovely display of nail polishes, makeup and so forth, upon taking a closer look I realized that it was ELF. So of course I looked even harder knowing that their prices are never over board to begin with, it was only nail color that I wanted however ELF created this eyeshadow palette that holds a total of 48 eye colors with a mirror on the inside for $6 bucks *_* not bad in my book and worth giving a try. So I picked it up since I needed something makeup wise for my purse anyways since it conveniently fits in my purse why not. Below are pictures of what it looks like. AND ELF has two different types of these eyeshadow books one warm and one cool, I picked up the cool so I have a ton of warm cools to begin with.

Much Love,

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