Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hands In Hair Syndrome...

The more I go through this heatless natural journey the more I find myself playing in my hair. It's such a bad habit that I'm trying to break but it is SUPER hard!!! Lol. So I'm trying to put it in my head that there are bad side effects when your hands are constantly in your hair.

1. Disturbs the curl pattern (especially when damp).
2. Causes excess frizz
3. If you actually twirl or pull your hair it can lead to patterned baldness (scary O.o)

With those effects here's how you can solve the problem.

1. Hair accessories
     Headbands, bobby pins anything that keeps your hair out of your face. Even you sunglasses that has the smooth nose piece can be used. Hats can also be in this category as well as head scarfs.

2. Wear updos
     If your hair is up how can you touch it without messing up your hairstyle. This can include ponytails as well.

3. Keep yourself occupied while your hair dries, run around with the kids, clean your house or apartment. Essentially anything that keeps your hands occupied DO IT!

Much Love,

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