Monday, September 24, 2012

Dry Weather = Drier Hair

The cooler seasons are upon us and is already causing me to revamp my entire hair system, along with being back at work. My hair is already feeling less soft and has less sheen (not good). So here is my plan of action for my hair.

1. More updos
- of course I don't really care for time consuming ones so less is more to me.
2. Daily usage of coconut oil
- specifically in the middle and on my ends
3. Wash my hair less
- this will be difficult, mainly because of product build up on my scalp so we will see
4. Only air dry when I'm at home for a specified amount of time
- wash days have to be planned now (-_-)
5. Deep condition more often
- pretty simple
6. At night braid hair in one or two braids or twist

This is what I have brained stormed so far and if I add or take away I will post that change to the list.

Much Love,

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