Thursday, August 23, 2012

Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Sleep is beneficial to the entire body and definitely adds youthfulness to anyone's outer appearance. The five major benefits of sleep are:

1) Improves memory
          - strengths practice skills learned while you were awake

2) Live longer
          -5 hours or more adds years to your life

3) Inflammation
          - Inflammation leads to premature aging, getting a goods night's rest
             equals youthfulness

4) Less likely to catch a cold

5) Less stress
          - pretty simple the more you sleep the less you stress

This then poses the question how do I ensure myself a good night's rest? I have 3 tips that might help.

1) Take a bath
          -a bath relaxes your body and gives you time to unwind, and bubbles
            and candles then you are really relaxing

2) Keep your room dark
          - The less distractions the longer you sleep

3) Sleep in Satin
          - satin aides in your cell repair and benefits your hair essentially
             satin aides in your youthful appearance

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