Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lust Item of the Week...

While surfing my fave YouTube channels (makeupdoll, JulieGBeauty, fabulasityisme to name a few) I noticed that this particular make up item continually kept popping up in almost every video I watched. And..... its BH Cosmetics!!! So I went to their website www.bhcosmetics.com to see what they had to offer and how much it was going to cost, and surprisingly?!?!...it was not that expensive and they have a TON of colors in one palette 120 to be exact. The colors are amazing and appear to be really pigmented, which is a good thing for my skin tone. And the prices range anywhere from like $11.00 bucks to like $20.00 bucks (that's the prices that I remember for the palettes I wanted lol). Anyhoo I'm trying to narrow down on which palette I want to try first I'm torn between the 4th, 5th, party girl, and the 88 cool color shimmer palette. I will post pics down below of those and if you have a suggestion please feel free to help out and leave comments on what you prefer or think about BH cosmetics because I am seriously torn.

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