Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Been A While...

So... Yeah I haven't posted in a while (a year to be exact, ish got real, real fast) but I'm back!!! And I will be on it like butter on bread I promise. Quick update on my hair, I stayed flat iron free for about a good six months then I got bored and flat ironed my hair (boo) I know and my hair hated it, and I hated my hair (not good). So as a result I cut it into a long bob (didn't want to lose all of my length) which was actually really flipping cute. However that also meant that I had to keep it straight in order for it to look right (bad idea). Now I'm back to growing my hair out without heat. My hair is already thin and it only looks full when its curly so that's how I'll keep it. Heat free nice, and full and curly.

Oh and I'll be blogging more often (I swear lol)

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